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Stomping the Search Engines 2 Review

By floshow25 | January 29, 2022

Stomping the Search Engines or also known as STSE is the video series made by Andy Jenkins, that focuses on getting your sites to the top of the search engine rankings.

Internet marketing and search engine marketing are all the rage today, and the both are seen as a viable business model and have developed tenfold in the last few years. Because there is a great demand for individuals wanting their sites to rank well in the search engines STSE2 could just be the answer.

What you are offered in this package is a DVD (that you could watch on your computer) with around fifteen different chapters - each covering a various aspect of Search Engine Optimization. The chapters are discussed by several people and everything is explained briefly and strong visual aids are used. The good thing about having a hard copy of the DVD sent to you is that you could watch each section as many times as you want for you to learn everything.

When I followed this program I watched 1 section every day, taking notes on the most significant parts as I went along. The program goes in depth on onsite Search Engine Optimization (i.e. how you should edit your website to make the Yahoo and Google rate it highly) and offsite Search Engine Optimization (i.e. what you should do to advertise your website and how you could build back-links that develop your website’s authority).

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