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Review of the Internet Marketer Mike Filsaime

By floshow25 | December 8, 2021

Mike Filsaime is one of the leading marketing experts on the Internet today. Mike’s story is similar to other popular online experts. Before  Internet marketing, he worked in an automotive business. There he obtained a great deal of experience in marketing and sales which he uses as a foundation for constructing strategies and ideas on the Internet.

How did he succeed so quickly?

One of the 1st things that he did to learn  online marketing was to purchase  Instant Internet Empires. Mike used this product to obtain knowledge about creating an Internet business network and strategic marketing. Mike worked several years and made successful marketing e-projects and campaigns.

He was able to condense  his knowledge into a series of eBooks. These eBooks helped  him to get the publicity that he wanted. Mike began his own site also where he now posts and updates info about a variety of marketing strategies. The site covers a lot of topics including eBook marketing, website traffic, sale conversion, digital product creation, and affiliate marketing.

There appears to be more individuals who are becoming Internet marketers for the 1st time. There are also a lot of businesses or individuals that already do business on the Internet but are looking to raise their traffic through SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Most people need the assistance of a professional marketer. Experienced marketers such as Mike Filsaime have trained a lot of online entrepreneurs how to be successful. There are large amounts of conflicting info out there on each aspect of Internet.  Another good thing that a struggling intermediate or a beginning marketer could do is to look for a guru that has been able to make a gainful presence on the Internet and learn how they became successful.

After becoming familiar with the fact that things change  on the Internet, a marketer could then start to market the brand  they’ve created.  It doesn’t happen overnight. The same way Picasso became the greatest painter. He started by teaching others and doing creative sketches at an early age.

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2 Responses to “Review of the Internet Marketer Mike Filsaime”

  1. john lundgren Says:
    March 16th, 2010 at


    If mike is such a great guy, how come I can’t get my refund on the Butterfly Marketing offer I bought 4 weeks ago for 498.00? When I ask for a refund, he ignores my requests. When my letters got nasty,(and why shouldn’t they)he took my notes off the help desk and stopped my password. My experience tells me that he is a complete fraud and does not back up his guarantees. How can you promote this guy in clear conscience?

  2. floshow25 Says:
    March 16th, 2010 at

    We’re not promoting Mike Filsaime here John. We only present information that we know for a fact. This is why we allow comments so that people like yourself can add to the discussion. From what I know, Mr. Filsaime has staff that deals with things such as refunds. So I would suggest that you keep trying and you’ll eventually get a refund (if you’re within their refund policy). To your success and God Bless.


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