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IBP vs Web CEO - The Battle of the SEO Software Titans

By floshow25 | May 20, 2022

Search engine results are important when it comes to getting your page seen by the largest number of people.  We all know that, but it can be hard to figure out how to get your page to the top.  Add in the face that most searchers pay more attention to the top five entries they see for a search, and getting the traffic you need can be pretty daunting.  That’s why many people look into using SEO software.  However, there are many different kinds on the market.



Probably the grandfather of all SEO programs, this is one of the most comprehensive software suites out there.  There’s a free version, so you can try the program out, but to get the most out of this piece of software, you’re going to have to pay.  Check out their site to find out why Web CEO is a top choice.  It features twelve different SEO tools, and is great for well targeted keyword research.  The tool kit included in Web CEO can help you take a look at the pages of competitors and find out what their top rankings are coming from.


Then, you’ll get some great suggestions for related phrases and keywords, plus useful information about each.  You’ll find out your competition, the effectiveness of each word or phrase, and how often it’s searched.  Usually, this kind of information comes only through subscription sites, but Web CEO provides it as part of its software suite.  You can also use the On Page Report to find out information about your site, or a competitor’s.


Web CEO is capable of helping you find link partners according to the configuration and theme of your page, will help you look for link partners based on your choice of keywords, and will help you automatically or manually submit your URLs to the most important engines and directories.  It doesn’t take long at all.  Use the link popularity tool to find links back to your site or to your competitors.  Find out who’s linking to the competition and see if they’ll link to you.   Web CEO also provides traffic monitoring information that can be a real help.



IBP, produced by Axandra, has won a number of awards for quality, and is focused on helping you get the top listing for your site.  It has the ability to constantly monitor updates for search engine algorithms.  That means that IBP is always on top of things and giving you the highest quality information when it comes to webpage optimization.  It’s advanced keyword research tool will help you look up the top searched keywords almost instantly.  Then, you can find out information about them and find out related terms to expand into.  Web CEO’s keyword search is a little more in depth, but IBP’s is quite functional.


On the othe hand, IBP’s report function offers a lot more than Web CEO.  It allows you to make an in depth comparison of the off page optimizations of your competitors to your own.  You’ll see the top ten ranked sites in different areas, and find out more about them.  Like Web CEO, IBP comes in a free version with limited functionality.  One of the places where features are limited in the free version is seeing detailed reports on competitors.


There’s also a search engine simulator included that tells you how the engines look at your site.  You’ll get follow up links and lots of information about how your site is put together, from a search engine’s point of view.  Like Web CEO, IBP includes manual and automatic submission to directories and search engines in a matter of seconds.

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