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Affiliate Organizer Review

By floshow25 | February 12, 2022

Affiliate Organizer is a program that was created by Jon Mills to help individuals organize and run their various Internet and affiliate marketing businesses. Jon made the program out of his own frustration regarding all of the things he kept forgetting to do when it came to his business, like managing sales sites and keeping track of affiliate businessmen. With Affiliate Organizer, Jon guarantees that anyone could keep track of everything in their business doings in the simplest way possible.

Jon is a self confessed procrastinator. According to Jon, he had problem keeping track of anything and even had problem remembering to check the calendars that he utilized to try to keep track of everything. Thus, he made Affiliate Organizer. With this program, Jon claims that anyone could stay organized with their Internet marketing, even individuals who have never been organized in their lives. Jon promises, could save people a lot of headaches and frustration.

What could Affiliate Organizer do for online marketers? According to Jon, it could do quite a bit. For one thing, if you have sites, it could store your hosting info for you, which could really come in handy if you have sites on various hosts. It could also keep track of your various campaigns, including outsourcing projects. All of that’s fine, but it still does not help you remember to do certain weekly or daily tasks.

No reason to fear, though, because it also aids you by getting right in your face, or rather on your monitor, with alerts when it is time to do something. It will even make noise to be more horrible so that you would not ignore it. This program could truly be an absent minded marketer’s bestfriend.

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