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Affiliate Evolution Review

By floshow25 | February 11, 2022

Affiliate Evolution is system created by Russell Brunson. It isn’t an e-course or a training manual Internet marketing. It is also not a cheat or tool software. It is a secret business formula, created by Russell, to turn a simple affiliate to a super millionaire affiliate.

Essentially, Russell is teaching a system that’ll try to top the standard 30 to 50 percent commissions provided to affiliates by Internet merchants. Based on Russell’s estimates, his Affiliate Evolution system could raise the commissions of affiliates by up to 250 percent. Affiliate Evolution was opened w/ much fanfare. To drum-up interest for his merchandise, Russell sponsored a few Internet marketing online webcasts and seminars.

When you buy Affiliate Evolution, don’t expect to get a solid product from Russell. Affiliate Evolution is a business model, and Russell will show you how to duplicate this model over his audio recordings. You’ll also get a complete transcript of the audio material so you could follow the discussions of Russell. The Affiliate Evolution will show you how to make more earnings from the affiliate merchandises that you’re promoting. Russell calls this his Commission Bump strategie.

The Commission Bump is the main focus of Affiliate Evolution. Russell understands that the biggest profits of Internet merchants come not from the sale of a specific product, but from post sale revenues. A businessman usually uses the 1st sale to create a customer base. By getting critical info from customers, Internet businessman could customize merchandises based on the preferences of their customer base. So, there’s much more to make after the 1st sale. Russell incorporated all these facts in his Affiliate Evolution and will let you copy his system to get as much as 250 percent commissions from affiliate products.

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