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Affiliate Defender Review

By floshow25 | February 11, 2022

Affiliate Defender is made by Jimmy Brown, a popular affiliate marketing product developer. This program hides your affiliate links so nobody could by-pass your links or steal your commissions.

Affiliate Defender is 34.95 dollars on Clickbank. However, the sales-page of Jimmy, affiliate-defender.com, will fail to load if you check it. The product is available on Clickbank and in some affiliate sites. You could get a free copy of the Affiliate Defender if you purchase the Easy Download Protector program of Michael Green. This is the great deal that you could get, because Affiliate Defender is being sold for its whole price at other sites.

Jimmy gives unrestricted master reprint rights for purchasers of Affiliate Defender. So if you purchase the program, you could sell it or you could give it away as a bonus. Affiliate Defender don’t have glitzy features. When you set it up, you’ll use a simple dialog box where you could put your affiliate links.

The program will automatically hide your affiliate links. You could now copy these hidden links and put them to your site, sales pages or e-mail newsletters.

Affiliate Defender will not show your real links at the browser status bar. The program is also programmed to hide your links on mouse hover, and it encrypts the source codes of your sales-pages. So, it would be not possible to steal your affiliate links if you utilize Affiliate Defender.

You could utilize Affiliate Defender for as long as you like, and upgrades to the program are free. Jimmy also gives a 100 percent full satisfaction guarantee. You could ask for a full-refund if you think that Affiliate Defender isn’t right for you.

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