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Affiliate Conspiracy Review

By floshow25 | February 11, 2022

The Affiliate Conspiracy is a system created by Eric Rockefeller. It mixes ClickBank and AdWords marketing, 2 of the most popular names in Affiliate Marketing. This system has facts and guides that show how to make profits in any niche.

However, Affiliate Conspiracy isn’t for everyone. Eric makes his income from the PPC market.

The report made by Eric, Affiliate Conspiracy, is a package of videos that has instructions for new Internet marketers such as making free accounts for ranking on Google’s #1 page for the niche being targeted. These videos are of great help to novice marketers that are just beginning with the basics of being ranked top in organic search engine results. It also has some tips for the expert and intermediate marketers.

Additionally, there are some videos tackling Eric’s area of expertise, which is AdWords. From the video guide, Eric teaches how to setup an account in AdWords and make groups. Some of the videos help on how to create an under producing content network to a successful one. This is a wonderful tip to most Internet marketers who are trying to make their list immediately. Moreover, the video has guides for AdWords marketers to be linked to an affiliate page without getting a penalty from Google AdWords.

Lastly, Eric has included 3 case study videos showing the niche that he’s currently involved in. This is helpful since it has a detailed guide for novice AdWords marketers on how to opt for a niche along with the proper products and keywords to promote.

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