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Adwords 180 Review

By floshow25 | February 8, 2022

Ian Rollinson has created a method to raise site traffic making use of Google Adwords at a very low price. His product is Adwords 180, and it teaches a unique way of increasing traffic making use of the Google content network. His eBook will show users how to get clicks for as low as 0.01 dollars. Also reviewed in the book are tricks, tips, and myths of promoting on Adwords.

Adwords 180 gives an innovative and fresh way to get traffic making use of Adwords. The process detailed in the eBook was created by Ian Rollinson, a Google advertising expert. This product could help individuals get more traffic for cheaper prices, by developing their understanding of Google Adwords.

Ian claims that other eBooks giving similar promises as his were written by beginners and often has the same info every other eBook has. His eBook, on the other hand, has new info on a new process for driving Internet traffic.

The 78 page eBook, written by Ian Rollinson, is divided into 2 main parts. The 1st part deals dispelling myths regarding Google Adwords. The author goes over the several common lies which other advertising ‘experts’ would’ve you believe. He goes in depth and teaches why they’re wrong and also shows what should and should not be done with Adwords to raise traffic at cheap costs. The 2nd half of the eBook goes to the plan which Ian created to raise traffic from Adwords. The process deals with Google content network and is not given in any other comparable eBook.

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