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AdTool Review

By floshow25 | February 4, 2022

The AdTool is a service created by Howie Jacobson with the purpose of facilitating the usage of Google AdWords, and specifically, improving the AdWords traffic amount your keywords make. The tool is meant to lessen the time you take in choosing, finding, and separating effective from ineffective words that’ll only clutter searches and push traffic away.

Jacobson’s AdTool was made to make things easier when it comes to dealing with Google AdWords. While AdWords could be very profitable if done correctly, it could also be so draining to get things right each time, and it could take very little for a error to happen and all the hard work to be in vain. AdTool works to avoid mistakes such as cluttering, putting too many keywords, and therefore lessening yourself out of searches and some similar things from occurring.

The AdTool also helps you look for plurals or synonyms and common spelling mistakes or typing errors for certain words, as well as adding brackets and quotation marks where the case might be. Additionally, it also lets you take out the negative words to clean the searches.

The AdTool is accessible via a monthly subscription of 20 dollars. But there’s a 21 day trial period which lets you take full use of the service for 3.95 dollars. After this, if you’re not happy with the results, you could choose to discontinue the use of the service.

While the tool is intended to be useful when it comes to opening an AdWords campaign, it is hard to tell if it is not just something identical to language translators that usually leave a mess you have to clean after. Regardless, the fact that the offer has the 21 day trial option provides you a chance to see for yourself what the tool does and how it suits your needs.

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