Prosperity Automated System, Is PAS ( Prosperity Automated System ) A Scam ?


The Whole Truth About PAS(Prosperity Automated System)

Warning: PAS has recently shut down it's operation.

Prosperity Automated System has been around for a while now, but because of some recent issues they're being investigated by the government. It's a one up marketing system where your first sale goes to the person that brought you into the business. One of the first things that catch most people's attention first is how expensive PAS ( Prosperity Automated System ) is. It cost over $3800 to come in at their top level.

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It was real easy for me to write the Prosperity Automated System off as a scam just because of the price alone, but that would've been wrong so I did more research. I found out that a few of my marketing partners were making large sums of money with PAS. The key point to note here is that both of these gentlemen are expert internet marketers and they were putting a lot of money into advertising to make in excess of $30k profit.

The Prosperity Automated System did work, but I wouldn't  recommend maxing out your credit card to try this one out. Most people that were successful with PAS have been very successful maketing other products online, but the huge profit that PAS offers is second to none. Again, if you're looking at joining The Prosperity Automated System, I would suggest getting your feet wet with other products that sell just as well first but don't require you to clean out your savings account. I myself make just as much as my partners that sell this system, but I never have to feel bad because I've caused someone to spend their life savings to get involved. Again I think and know the PAS system does work for those that have the money and are willing to put in the time to start making profit.

 This ends the review of The Prosperity Automated System

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