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Michael Cheney's book, "The Website Marketing Bible", is an attempt to answer the question, "how do you make your website stand out online"?  His book is one of many that have been written on this same subject.

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Michael Cheney has many years of experience under his belt though. He has been creating websites since 1995. He's a marketer, and as the owner of the hugely successful site, Seniority.co.uk, he's been featured on British national television and in many other media.

Michael Cheney has also been backed and partnered with more Internet marketers than almost anyone I know of.

I have read Michael's Marketing Bible and found that it would be very useful to beginners. The biggest problem I have with the book though is that Michael tries to cover too many topics too generally. If this is truly the Marketing Bible, Michael should have been a little more specific about how certain things should be done. On the positive side though, this could give you a general outline on how things should be done. This in turn will take you to the next stage, which means actually implementing these strategies.  Overall, I like Michael's book, but in my opinion, if you really want to be successful online, you have to get more detailed explanation about how to properly market a website.

Mr. Cheney does have a new product out called 11 Days To List Profits that I highly recommend. Michael goes into a lot of detail about how to make money and build a list of email subscribers at the same time. I think for the price of $127 it's definitely worth investing in. It'll probably take you more than 11 days but the knowledge you gain will be well worth it.

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