Mary Kay Review 

All about Mary Kay

In 2007 many stay-at-home moms have a lot of free time.  For many women Mary Kay, the king of cosmetics, is the perfect way to work part-time and at their own convenience. You have to sign up by paying some amount up-front for the first stock of cosmetics.

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The company spends a lot of time on research. They know their market well and their products are a huge success among women all over the world. Mary Kay has operations in over thirty countries. They have a network of advisors who guide consumers as well as make the sale of its cosmetics.

Mary Kay has offered hope to thousands of women with chronic skin problems. The success of the brand stems from the fact that the advisors suggest products fit the consumer. Their range of products caters to every skin type and is customized for each individual. 

The products cover hair care, skin care for people of both sexes. Mary Kay gives incentives to its workforce as a percentage of sales. There are huge chances for further growth in the company. The success of the company comes from its visionary founder who established the company on principles that are relevant today. 

The company also believes in sharing its success by donating to various charities. Mary Kay has realized the reach of the Internet. All its products are available online and one can sign up as an adviser on the company site.  Mary Kay is growing because it is close to its customer and has kept pace with changes that are occuring in it's market.
Mary Kay is a good company to get started with if you want to make some extra money without commiting a lot of time.

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