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The Brain Power Secrets

Your brain has the power to deceive you when you look at the image on the left. In fact it is PROVEN that 99% of men, at first glance, do not immediately think of a simple lamp.

Why? It’s all a matter of “what you have been programmed to see”.

This little experiment shows that the brain uses what in the jargon is called … “Selective attention“.

NOTE: the brain notices what it is programmed to notice, and not what it is NOT programmed to notice. So ask yourself:

  • What have you been programmed to see?
  • how many opportunities you’re seeing now, that are right under your eyes?
  • Are you really sure that the world, as you know, is the reality? 
  • Are you sure that you have financial difficulties? 
  • Or that it is difficult to find a soul mate?
  • Or that it is hard to stay in shape?

You can train your brain, just like you do with your muscles. If you are trained to see negative things, difficulties and obstacles, this is what the brain will show you.

On the contrary, if you train your brain with empowering elements that can “open your mind”, it will respond by showing the opportunities and occasions that will help you to get what you want.

If you want to do the next step, watch this video by clicking here