Empowerism Review

All About Empowerism

Empowerism is a system that offers global success solutions and mentoring for online businesses. It was created by Janet Wilson, CEO of Life, Education And Prosperity Inc. Through Empowerism, one can subscribe to an automated database marketing system. It also provides training in NetMarketing that involves Internet marketing and networking.

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Empowerism also offers an effective profit generating system. This system has two separate options - RSVP and MVP. You can make $2000 in each lead order through RSVP. On the other hand, MVP enables to purchase advertising packages and increase the your chance for success. For example, if you purchase four $200 leads packages, you have the potential to make $8,000 once all four have cycled ten times.

Empowerism has literally empowered hundreds of people to succeed in NetMarketing since being created in 1998. Since May 2004, it has paid over 7.2 million to the affiliates in commissions. This more than a lot of other affiliate programs combined.

People can even earn residual monthly income by recruiting new members for Empowerism. It usually pays a $20 first start bonus along with $7 per month for introducing a new member. Even if one does not introduce a new member in his downline, the company will pay $1 every month for each member in his matrix.

Some of the best Internet marketers have recommended Empowerism as the best system for approaching Internet marketing and networking. Empowerism is a great company to get started with if you need experience in internet marketing.


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