Mazu-Matt Gagnon, Currency Exchange Profits-Gary Jezorski


Update: Matt Gagnon has now retired, so you can now get his system free by going over to his website at

The internet is being flooded with E-currency exchange programs,Mazu being one of the first, each with their own flaws and virtues. The popularity of the e-currency exchange business is spreading like wildfire, but before you jump in, there are a few things you should know. Before you spend your hard earned money on anything promising amazing returns you need to do your research.

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First off, If you are not familiar with the e-currency exchange business then I will fill you in on the details. This business is not hard to understand but it takes time to get a hang of all the terminology and guidelines. In this business you will create a portfolio which you will use to facilitate the process of exchanging dollars to electronic currencies. For your role in this process you?re portfolio will be rewarded with .2-2% gains compounded daily.

This means that from an initial deposit of $500 successful exchanging can bring in returns of around $1,000 in a months time. Profits will vary based on the initial deposit and the amount of time spent working in the system, obviously the higher the startup capital and the more time spent working the higher the profits will be. 

Several successful pioneers of this system have put together training courses designed to assist you in quickly and effectively setting up your portfolio. There is the well known Mazu Business Pack developed by Matt Gagnon, and there is also the popular Currency Exchange Profits System developed buy Gary Jezorski. Most people that get attracted to this business get there by way of one of these e-currency exchange programs.

Why do people pay money for these programs? People pay because these programs provide a service necessary to succeed in this business. For example, if you log in to the DXInOne website (the site that provides the market place for these transactions) you will quickly see that there is nothing there that provides direction or help. It is set up to be an efficient service for those that know how to operate it.

What these paid programs do is provide non-experienced people with step-by-step tutorials on how to bring in, take out, and manage your money and profits in the DXInOne. The full service programs also provide advanced exchanging strategies along with support capabilities via phone or email.

If you have accepted the fact that the easiest way to get started is through a training course then you're probably wondering which offers the most bang for your buck.

The most popular courses are: Currency Exchange Profits by Gary Jezorski, DXTrainers by Matthew Glanfield, Barnes e-Currency Exchange program by Warren Barnes, e-Currency Profit by Liza Guchui, Mazu Business Pack by Matt Gagnon and DXPowerTeam by Dave Bennet. These are not the end all of e-currency training programs but are generally accepted as being the leading courses in this industry.

Before purchasing any of those courses I highly recommend doing some research on what each one provides. There are plenty of courses that claim to offer the world and in reality leave you with nothing but a 300 page incoherent e-book and a credit card payment. 
From a general perspective, the main difference between the Mazu system and the Currency Exchange Profits system is that one primarily focuses on text and one on video.  The Mazu system boasts a lot of added bonuses including many hard to find internet marketing strategies. But if you are looking for quick and easy to understand training information the Currency Exchange Profits System is the way to go. The reason for this is that everything you need to know is explained in easy to follow video tutorials. These video tutorials alone have been responsible for helping many beginners achieve 100% profit in as little as 43 days.

Be smart in your decision; choose a course that accommodates your learning abilities and preferences and you won't regret getting involved in the e-currency exchanging business. 

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