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In the next 7 minutes I'll show you EXACTLY how and what you need to do to make it happen.
One of the EASIEST ways to make money online is to surf for cash with Paid-to-Surf Programs. You don't have to know how to "market" or "sell" because no recruiting or selling is required!

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If you can click a mouse... you know everything you need to know to generate income in this business. Let me explain... There are millions of people all over the world who work from home and would like to share their websites with other people who would also like to earn extra money from home.
The problem is there are billions of websites on the internet - so how can these Business Owners and Advertisers get you in front of their websites so their messages can be seen and heard by the right people? That's where Paid Surfing Programs come in! These business owners and advertisers will actually PAY for people to view their websites in hopes of gathering business partners and customers.
Surfing Programs contract with these business owners and pays people to view the sites. Basically, the industry was created for Web Traffic Exchange. Web Traffic Exchange means that for every website that you view, you earn one credit. Each credit that you earn is one hit that your website will receive from being placed into the surfing rotation. People who wish to receive traffic to their websites also purchase hits from surfing programs. These Surfing Programs then create an income opportunity for passive income opportunity seekers by paying them to view the websites and create the "hits" that are purchased by the online businesses.
How can I make money with a Paid Surfing Program? Surfing programs pay you a daily percentage based on how much advertising you've purchased (usually referred to as an "upgrade") That's where YOU come in! Here's how it works:  You sign up in a paid-to-surf program free. Then you purchase advertising units to activate your account.Once activated, you log in once per day and click a link in the member's area to open a browser window. Your browser automatically displays a new web site every 10-20 seconds. You must manually click and watch a designated amount of other advertiser's websites to get paid.
This can usually be done in less than 10 minutes per account. Your membership level is the amount of advertising that you buy in the surfing program. The industry does not call this membership fee an "investment". It's called an "upgrade". Each day you must view a certain number of websites. Once you view the websites, the percentage is added to your cash balance. Each program will have a set number of days for a cycle to last before you cash out, and your upgrade expires. Then the program will begin the process of sending the money to your payment processor.
Can I get paid to tell others about manual surfing programs? Most of these types of surfing programs do not require you to refer others, however, you can earn anywhere from 1%-15% of your referrals' upgrade based on the program. The amazing thing about having referrals is that you get paid the percentage (1%-15%) of their upgrade EVERY TIME they upgrade! For instance: Let's say I refer Bob into my program, and my program offers a 8% referral incentive. Bob decides to upgrade with $1000. I get paid 8%, so I make $80. But that's not all. If Bob upgrades again in 8 days with another $1000, I get paid another $80! This will occur every time that Bob upgrades!
Now you can see the benefit of having referrals! How much money can I make? With the two main surfing programs listed below, you'll get paid 15 - 24% of YOUR upgrade (the amount of advertising your buy), everyday for a 6-8 day cycle depending on which program you join. Let's say you start with a $1000 upgrade (you buy $1000 of advertising, $8 - $12 is the minimum): Everyday after surfing you'll have $150 - $240 deposited into your program account. ($1000 X 15% - 24% = $150 - $240) Depending on the program, you can surf 6-8 days so 6 X $240 = $1440, or 8 X $150 = $1200 - You started with $1000 and ended up with $1200 - $1440 after 6- 8 days. That's 120% - 144% or $200 - $440 NET profit in 6 - 8 days, plus 2-7 business days for payouts. (Again, you can start with as little as $8 - $12). I don't have a lot of money! How much does it cost to start? No startup capital? NO PROBLEM! Many people get started with as little as $8 - $12 and then make money from their referrals to fund their OWN account! Even if you started with 8$, but made 2-3 referrals, you could STILL EASILY make several thousand dollars your first month. Think about it, you'll get paid within 2 weeks. (6- 8 day cycle plus up to 7 days to receive funds). Are Surfing Programs Legal? Before you start to make money online with paid-to-surf programs, you need to know that this industry is full of companies that do NOT have solid business models and can NOT sustain paying out what they advertise. A lot of so called "auto-surf" sites take your money and disappear a few months later because they weren't built on a workable business plan.
Hundreds of web promotion sites come and go everyday. Some of the key reasons for the failure of these programs are:
1) a lack of multiple income streams, 2) the high cost of payouts to free members, and 3) poor customer care. The two surfing programs listed here have gone to great lengths to address these issues and have integrated solutions to these problems into the design of their programs. Some autosurf companies have gotten themselves in trouble for not clearly defining what they're doing and what they're paying their members to do. Be sure to read through the terms and conditions on any surf program before getting involved with them. Are surfing programs the same as Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, or multi-level marketing? Here are the definitions of these terms:
Ponzi Scheme: An investment swindle in which early investors are paid with sums obtained from later ones in order to create the illusion of profitability.
Pyramid Scheme: A fraudulent scheme in which people are recruited to make payments to the person who recruited them while expecting to receive payments from the persons they recruit; when the number of new recruits fails to sustain the hierarchical payment structure the scheme collapses with most of the participants losing the money they put in.
Multi-level marketing (MLM) (also called network marketing (NM)) is a business model which utilizes a combination of direct marketing and franchising. Typically, individuals become associated with a parent company in an independent contractor relationship. Sellers are compensated based on their sales of a product or service, as well as the sales of those they bring into the business.
Surfing programs are created for traffic and advertising exchange. You view other members' websites and in return your site gets viewed by other members. When you join an surfing program, you're never required to pay any amount of money. Some programs are free to join, but others will give you a certain amount of days to upgrade your account or else they'll delete your account. The referral side of a program is totally optional. You can still make an incredible amount of money without ever telling a single soul. It's your option to pay a membership fee and earn a daily percentage of your account level. Solid, reliable paid surfing programs have additional revenue streams or business ventures supporting member payouts, or they reinvest the membership fees to earn a higher percentage than what they're paying out to members. You're not required to pay a fee, you're not required to recruit, and payouts are backed by additional revenue streams. That's what makes them legal.
Where Does The Money Come From To Pay You? This is probably the #1 question most intelligent people ask, and the answer varies from program to program. The answer is directly tied to each programs' business model. Here are some of the different types of paid-to-surf business models being utilized today:
1) The surfing program is the center around which other business ventures and/or revenue streams are created. A portion of member upgrades are used to fund the new ventures or setup the new revenue streams which in turn will support member payouts in the future. A similar model is to start a surfing program to attract attention and new customers to an existing business. Some surfing programs provide hosting services, professional design, marketing tools and auctions sites. Such sources of income provide the owners strong revenue streams. A few of the larger surfing programs use their own payment processors and debit cards.
2) The surfing program, while a traffic exchange at its roots, reinvests upgraded funds within various online and/or offline markets. Examples include Forex trading, stock market trading, other high-yield investments, and re-upgrading within other surfing programs. Any combination of these investment techniques can work, in fact some programs rely on just one investment method to support payouts. The key for a program of this nature ( and really all programs) is to have the proper controls in place regarding daily earning percentage, expiration terms, compounding, and cash-outs.
3) The surfing program uses a combination of #1 and #2 listed above. A program may be reinvesting upgraded money and using the extra returns to fund new ventures to be used in conjunction with the surfing program. A program that's concentrating more on building new business ventures and very little on reinvesting might still take a small portion of member upgrades and add it to a reserve fund in case of emergency. That reserve fund can be allowed to grow over time in a safe place or market.
4) The surfing program simply pools member upgrades to be used for payouts the next month. There's no reinvesting in this type of scenario. There are no outside revenue streams supporting the program. Beware of this type of program as it's ponzi-like in nature and always ends up failing, leaving the last members in without money. So far I've painted a pretty clear picture of this industry. You're probably thinking, "Man this business sounds like a piece of cake". Well now's the time where I'm going to give you some warnings. I'm not trying to scare you off with what I'm going to tell you, I just want to be upfront with you so you fully understand what you're getting into. I estimate there are at least 500+ active paid-to-surf programs right now.
I also estimate that 80% of them have a business plan that very closely mimics #4 above. A portion of that 80% are scams setup to take in money and never pay out a cent or perhaps payout for a couple months to attract larger upgrades and then close up shop with the money. This is reality and something that must be taken into consideration when developing a long-term paid-to-surf plan. The other 20% of programs are using business models #1, #2, and #3 above. These are the programs we want to be in. These are the ones that make this business profi for members. The trick is to find these programs.
As you can imagine research and diversification are both critical for month-to-month success. This is where I can help you! I ONLY work with the most s and safest surfing companies. HUNDREDS of companies come and go every year, so be sure to only work with companies that you know have a strong track record and a s history and are endorsed by professionals who understand this industry. If you decide to purchase advertising upgrades in a surf program, take your profits when they're available and pay yourself back your initial capital. If you compound, compound with THEIR money, not yours, AFTER you've gained your initial "seed" capital back.
If surfing programs present too much risk for you because of all the variables, then consider putting your money in a savings account and leave this for the more brave at heart. Making a Little (or a Lot) Extra! Here are some ways of making extra money with paid-to-surf programs... Referrals Referring others is completely optional, but can be very profi. Use the 'referrals' link that most sites provide to refer other people to the site. You'll earn between 5 - 14% of your referral's upgrade purchase. As an ethical consideration, you should make sure you've fully explained the risks as well as the rewards - if in doubt, make sure they read this site! Credits Did you know the real purpose of all these paid-to-surf sites has nothing to do with making money?
Officially they're all 'Traffic Exchanges' which means that in return for you viewing someone else's advertising site, they'll view yours. That's what the credits are for. Of course, for those of us who surf for money, all those accumulated credits are just a by-product. Can you sell them? - no, not as a rule. What to do? Well you can make a web page and advertise just about anything legal on it. You can put affiliate links, so that when people click on that link, and order whatever it is that you're advertising, you get paid.
You can even advertise Paid-to-surf sites that you're a member of - people who join from banners on your site become your 'referrals'. Or you can just let the credits pile up... Conclusion I've researched the following paid-to-surf programs below for stability and legitimacy. They're currently paying me and others on time and appear to be run by honest owners and admins, however, no one has a crystal ball, and as with any high yield program, be sure to only spend what you can afford to lose. That being said, take nothing I say at face value. I highly encourage you to research this information yourself and come to your own conclusions. To protect your surfing accounts, it's recommended that you have your computer equipped with the proper anti-virus, anti-keylogger and anti-spyware software.
It's also highly recommended that you don't use Internet Explorer to view websites. Try Firefox, Crazybrower or Opera. Also, it's recommend that you don't use the same passwords for your email account as for your payment processor accounts. Additionally, you should change your passwords periodically. Program #1 - 24DailyPro - HOT!
24DailyPro is a registered a corporation (Incorporated in Nevada) and is a manual surf site owned by CEO, Will Williamson. My good friend Toby is one of the main Admins to this program (he handles payouts) so I have a little closer connection to this one than most people and this also gives me more comfort in putting my funds in it. You have to surf 24 sites to get paid each day, and the timer is set at only 10 seconds per site which takes me about 5 minutes to complete! You simply have to click on an "OK" button every 10 seconds to go to the next site, and this ensures that every member has to be sitting at their computer in order to get paid. It also ensures that each and every ad is actually being looked at, and that none of your hard-earned advertising credits are being wasted! You can have 2 separate accounts in the same household, with 2 upgrade packages going at the same time, up to a maximum of $6,000 per account. If you stagger them, you can effectively get paid every 3 days, which would mean you get paid 10 times a month. Also, if you decide to set up two separate accounts, they must both be under the original sponsor. In other words, a spouse can't sign up under the other spouse. The membership base is steadily growing every day, which means more sets of eyeballs on the sites you choose to promote. I advertise about 4 of my other sites this way currently and I get sales... it's works. Remember, website promotion is the primary purpose of this site, with the income generation being a nice little bonus... well maybe not that little! ;o) And since this is a MANUAL surf site, it means that every single member of 24DP is looking at every single ad that comes across their computer monitor. With 24DailyPro members purchase advertising packages and website credits, not investing. Each Ad Unit is treated as a membership upgrade, providing you with additional advertising options, and is not considered an investment of any kind. They have good communication, a solid business plan and they're using one of the most solid e-currencies online, e-bullion.
Here are a few key points of 24 Daily Pro: They accept e-Bullion and Alert Pay as their payment processors. Important Note: If you don't yet have an e-bullion account, you can open one free here. You then must purchase e-bullion from a third party vendor. I use www.thebullionexchange.com for this. 24DP only accepts e-bullion 'e-currency', so only buy this and not gold or silver currency. Minimum Spend: $12 - Maximum Spend: $6,000 Referrals: 6% (Upgraded) Upgrades are $12 and last 6 days. 24% for 6 Days ( 44% Profit - not exactly chicken-feed!) Pays out in 7 business days from date of upgrade expiration Click Here to get more info or join 24DailyPro. If you need support, please visit the 24DailyPro Support desk. Program
#2 - FastProfitsClub FPC has an excellent reputation for timely payouts and great support - they're quick to respond and fix problems, very important. It's a manual surf and has some different features, like a free email account. There's a very informative Forum. They have an online store with telecommunication products and a different approach to advertising purchases within the site. Here are some highlights: Look at 12 Ads Daily for 14 Days. Pays 10% per Day for 14 Days. 10% Referral Commission. $5.00 per unit, Maximum 1200 units. Payouts are FAST! Sometimes within 3 days of expiration. Click here to get more info or join FastProfitsClub. Here's a great 3rd party Paid-To-Surf industry forum: Incidentally, 24DailyPro and FastProfitsClub all have a 5 star rating from Autosurf Authority. It's a great place to keep updated on any surfing program you join.

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