Auctions For Income Review

Is Auctions For Income A Scam?

Auctions For Income is a company started by Dave Espino, one of the original EBay power sellers. Dave Espino made a wise career move when he started selling this program because the atmosphere at EBay has definately changed.

Auctions For Income shows you how to by products wholesale from drop shippers, and sell them for profit on EBay. The concept is great, and has worked for a long time on EBay.

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Auctions For Income has one main flaw though. The fact that most products on EBay are selling at wholesale prices or below. EBay is sort of like the world's largest flea market. Most of the products that you'll find to dropship are the same products that about a hundred other sellers will offer. In order to make any kind of profit on these type of products you'll have to sell hundreds of them every day.

Auctions For Income also doesn't tell you about the success rate of people that try to sell products on EBay. Even though I myself make thousands of dollars online, I barely made a profit selling products on EBay. At one point I had ten products for sale at one time and none of them were sold. I ended up having to pay about $38 in fees and I didn't make one sale.

The process that Auctions For Income describes can work, but to be successful you have to have a little luck, a lot of experience, and a lot of patience. The biggest problem with the Auctions For Income system is that the market on EBay is saturated to a point that in order to make money you have to sell products that are unique and no one else is selling.

You don't need Auctions For Income to teach you that it takes unique products to make big money on EBay. You just need to know where to find unique products that people will be willing to pay big bucks for.

Auctions For Income can be a useful resource if you don't have any experience with EBay, but if you're trying to make huge profits you'll have to be very creative and have products that almost no one else is selling or that are in high demand.


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