Advocare Review

All About Advocare, Is It All A Scam?


Advocare as a company talks about how the NFL, NBA, MLB, and Olympic athletes are all using their products dilligently. I don't know whether this is true or not though and I really find it hard to believe.  

Advocare focuses their marketing on Weight loss, Energy gains, Controlling Appetite, Cholesterol reduction, Reducing High Blood Pressure, Longer workouts, Muscle Building, Improving Digestion, Endurance Gains, Improving your Memory, Gaining Joint Mobility, Fat burning, Improve concentration, and Sleeping a lot better.

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Bulk orders, those over $500, come with marketing material that you can use to sell the product.


Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS) is a scientific breakthrough based on nutritional research from around the world. MNS provides vital nutrients as well as support for sustaining a healthy weight. MNS comes in three variations; one is right for you! MNS Gold: Maximum nutritional support for sustaining a healthy weight. MNS Yellow: Optimum nutrients for smooth, efficient metabolism. MNS Orange: A powerful combination of nutrients and herbs.

What is metabolism? Metabolism is your personal body biochemistry. Inside each of the billions of cells in your body, thousands of biochemical reactions precisely coordinate and regulate all aspects of life.

What is the scientific basis for Metabolic Nutrition? Most people don't eat an ideal diet day-in and day-out. And many dieters have actually harmed their bodies with the countless crazy ways they've tried to lose weight (and failed). Others simply can't eat enough to meet their body's high demands for peak performance vitamins, minerals and health-promoting phytochemicals. MNS is designed to deliver the optimal amount of nutritional ingredients to your body so that your personal biochemistry can achieve peak performance. Every ingredient in the four components that make up the MNS has been selected based on the latest, most advanced scientific research from around the world.

Four unique components are included in all the Metabolic Nutrition Systems: CorePlex is a premier multinutrient supplement containing potent amounts of vitamins, minerals, phytochemical antioxidants and complementary herbal concentrates. CorePlex fills in "nutritional gaps" to provide a strong foundation for general metabolic strength.
LipoTrol contains the amazing herbal garcinia cambogia extract, synergized with other vital ingredients including niacin-bound chromium.

Metaboost is a revolutionary supplement designed to maximize the transport of nutrients into your body's cells-the actual location where fuel-burning takes place. MetaBoost works much like and amplifier that boosts sound level on a stereo system.

OmegaPlex is a potent source of essential omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital to nerve, brain, skin and cardiovascular health. OmegaPlex is standardized to deliver consistent levels of docosahexaenoic acid(DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid(EPA).

The variations of MNS are distingquished by their additional components. MNS Gold contains CitraSate and Thermo-G, ingredients that provide nutritional support for sustaining a healthy weight. MNS Orange contains Thermo-E, a proprietary combination of vitamins, minerals and herbal concentrates including ephedrine group alkaloids in the form of herbal extracts. MNS Yellow contains ActoTherm a unique blend of Chinese herbs that provides nutritional support for sustaining a healthy weight.

Is MNS a weight-management program? Yes, but much, much more. Scientific studies continue to show that diets don't work, and consumers are demanding systems that do. With Advocare's revolutionary MNS, your body gets the nutrients and phytochemical herbs it needs to sustain a healthy weight.

Also known as, Advo Care International, many people I've read about in the news, question whether Advocare is actually offering something new or if they're just selling the same old diet products in fancy packaging. One of their more popular products is a powder called "Spark". It is a supplement to add to water or beverages.

Advocare distributors have even used  pro baseball players to pump up their sales pitch. A lot of these players supposedly drink this product called spark.  I watch alot of baseball, and the juice some of these guys are using now  probably has a needle at the  other end,  not  a  bottle cap.

Advocare makes it all sounds great , but I wonder if its really true. Some distributors say that there are more than 500 unpaid athletic endorsements.

After  investigating these claims made by Advocare distributors, I have found out that most people involved in the Advocare opportunity are not making money. It may not be Advocares fault that they are not making money , but to be honest with you there are a  lot of ways to make money that don't require as much of a headache.  But if you insist on doing network marketing or affiliate marketing, I recommend that you read my review of VM Direct by clicking HERE.



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