Achievers Unlimited


Health and beauty for money making opportunities is a huge focus in the multi-level marketing world. Its also a place where money can be made if you understand the affiliate programs offered.


All of the literature I've received from Achievers Unlimited focuses on the product line, so other than the $10.00 distributor start up cost; I cannot tell you what your commission percentage will be, how often your checks will come in the mail, and how customer service will perform. You should ask these questions, and if you dont understand the answers, keep asking. Get all of your questions answered in writing.


Achievers Unlimited was established in 1992, formulating a line of herbal supplements created by Jay DeBenedetto, head chemist. Achievers Unlimited is owned by Goldshield Group Pharmaceutical Corporation.


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Here's the list of products:

Tri-chromalene is a thermogenic chromium fat burner
TranQuell is an herbal vitamin and electrolyte supplement to reduce stress
Cytolife is a super food (similar to cell tech blue green algae)
Maxileane is a chewable orange flavored wafer made for weight loss
SIGMA 200 for Total Daily Nutrition is a multi-vitamin
CytoPro is an antioxidant to prevent free radical damage
CytoPure is a cellular detoxifier

Again, find an Achievers Unlimited distributor and make sure you see the product line, find out what their trial period is, if any. Get the compensation plan. Ask for written testimonials. If you can't get these things, move on, because it isn't worth your time. If you want to know what company i recommend, that actualy is worth your time, Click here For VM Direct.

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