Your Lucky List

Your Lucky List adds a welcome new twist to list-building. This new system not only builds a traditional, force-matrix list, but a randomly generated weekly list as well. No matter how far down in the matrix you may fall, you'll still have a large list to contact every week, and that's a definate plus for people new to list building but for seasoned promoters as well.

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The first set of bonuses is determined by how many personal referrals. It adds an extra 100 random people who are not in your matrix to each of your mailing. These system bonuses continue to increase at the 25 referral level, 275 random prospects are added to your mailings. As a member of Your Lucky List according to them you are provided with the name, email address, and subscriber information for all of your direct referrals. This helps to build your own, personal optin list through any promotion not done to your existing personal optin list. The prospects they reward you with are chosen at random from their system and automatically sent to your list email address, or you autoresponder depending on the preferences you set. This is a neat little program but if you're really trying to build a long term business I would suggest that you sign up for an autoresponder service like Getresponse or Aweber.

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