Wright Thurston Facts


Wright Thurston was an IBM employee. He made a huge sum of money through the real estate investing in Alaska while working with IBM. He developed his part-time real estate business and earned a monthly income of $9,000 to become a millionaire in eighteen months. Eventually he quit his job with IBM in 1989, and then started real estate investing on full-time basis. Wright now lives in Provo, Utah with his wife and five children.


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Wright Thurston has put his proven strategies and methods into his popular home study courses. His most favorable titles are:

o         Total Investment Package costing $699,

o         Diamonds In The Rough: How To Build A $9,000 A Month Positive Cash Flow costing $325

o         Strategies for Successful Investing costing $100,

o         Property Management Magic: Fair But Firm Land lording Techniques costing $325 Making It Happen: Getting Rich the "Wright" Way costing $250.


Wright's course- Diamonds In The Rough: How to build a $9,000 A Month Positive Cash Flow is a detailed and systematic analysis of building your financial investments through multiple-unit investments. His other course-7 Step Checklist for Successful Real Estate Investing is a guide to start your real estate investment course and open your monthly flow of cash.


In my opinion, Wright Thurston is popular for his excellent speeches and educational techniques. He is highly revered among only a few people who could build a million dollar empire four different businesses. Those four different categories are working with IBM, his own real estate business, also direct marketing to consumers and as a professional speaker and consultant. However, Wright Thurston’s products are not good. His materials are outdated do not relate to real estate issues of today. He also cannot clearly explain basics of real estate dealings like foreclosures and short sales, he lacks in technical details and it is better to not purchase his products.



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