World Wide Merchandise

World Wide Merchandise Review

World Wide Merchandise is a drop ship company for all types of products including electronics. Drop shipping used to be a good strategy for people that want to sell things online but they don’t want to keep track of any inventory. Drop shipping is becoming harder and harder to make a profit from because of the lower than wholesale prices you can get on Ebay and other flea market type sites. The problem with World Wide Merchandise is that a lot of the items they sell can be found at your local area discount store at an even lower price.

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Another problem is there are also plenty of flea market type items like plastics spoons and clocks. World Wide Merchandise offers a lot of generic brand products and things that aren’t popular anymore. Also the items are either over priced or priced unrealistically. They also sell web hosting and merchant accounts, but you won’t find the prices for those easily.


World Wide Merchandise to me is not the place you want to start if you’re starting an internet business.


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