Undercover Profits

Undercover Profits is a server side affiliate marketing spy program that monitors select affiliate programs and products, undercover profits reportedly gives you an inside view of the competition letting you know exaltly which keyword and which Google adwords ads are profitable, something that would generally take you weeks and months to do manually. The original name of undercover profits was Profit Thief but was later changed to Undercover Profits. How it works is you enter a list of keyword into the undercover profits program, it then helps you by finding any affiliates ad's that are running consistently over that time, helping to know which ones are making money and which ones are not.

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Undercover Profits gives you an advantage in affiliate marketing that no one else seems to have. According to the site there are only 300 places available and for this reason using the  Internet marketing and affiliate marketing launch that has been provided  indicates that the 300 undercover profits licenses will sell out extremely fast. This software promises to get you right into the mist of this internet marketing area and help you to be profitable in it. It seem to offer many things that other products of the like do not. Overall would be a really good buy.

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