Two Minute Profits

Two Minute Profits is an adword system created by Alok Jain that helps you to set up some clever adword campaigns at around two cents per click on the Google search pages. These pages really have no adword competition with no important search results. Because of this only your ad will be relevant on the search page which makes it possible for you to have a high click through rate. Although you may only get a little over a hundred or maybe less clicks your aim is only on a particular product. The good thing is many of the clicks will eventually turn into sales of the product since the consumers who are looking to buy will be the only ones running the search. This product is not just a campaign that targets spelling errors which there are a lot of now but Alok Jain uses real examples of campaigns that he has used but warns other not to copy him because many people who bought his book have done this already.

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 Alok Jain goes on to explain the ways to capture new targets which there are many of so anyone should be able to find one with very little competition. This system is only about $10 so it wouldn't hurt to give it a chance. Also it is pretty much risk free because there is no monthly membership or fee. It is also up to you how many of these campaigns that you decide to run. The more you run the more chances you have at making money. So like I said earlier you don't have much to lose.

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