Tracy Biller

Tracy Biller is known as the downline builder. Tracy advocates that you stop wasting time trying to recruit grandma and uncle and go after people that already have a familiar sense of what it means to be a network marketer and are familiar with the recruiting process. Tracy Biller believes that a vast majority of MLMer's are doing things wrong because they are wasting time recruiting people that have to be convinced to try a MLM. He also feels a large amount of multi-level marketers are calling the wrong type of leads. Tracy Biller teaches that their are over 8 million leads known as genealogy reports. He advocates that you call 100+ leads a day until you reach at least 20-30 interested prospects.

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Tracy believes that these prospects have a higher conversion ratio because they are in the market for MLM's. Tracy also Feel s that because of the fact that former heavy hitters are in some of these reports you could land a heavy hitter in you downline. Five Years ago I tried out Tracy Biller's tactics and I found that hey didn't work for me. However that could be because I only tried it out for a week. Even with the script he gave me which use a very cut to the chase approach it just didn't yield the results I had hoped for. Perhaps if I would have applied his techniques over lets say 30- 90 days I may have achieved results but, with the dawn of the internet I personally have found simpler way of recruiting prospects i.e.. auto responders, advertising on other sites, attend forums regularly, ppc advertising etc.

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