Top Surfer Review

Although I read a lot of bad reviews about Topsurfer, the traffic exchange, I had to find out the truth myself. We're always trying to find new ways to get quality traffic to our websites, so I felt that it was my duty to test it out. The problem that most people have with Top surfer is that they get a lot of hits but they never make a dime. This really isn't different from what a lot of people experience with traffic exchanges in general.

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After testing out Topsufer for over a month though, I finally figured out why Top surfer and many other traffic exchanges don't work for people. The main problem is that when most people are clicking on ads in Topsurfer, they're just trying to get the traffic credits that come along with clicking on a ad. Most people are almost immune to the ads that they see because they are just trying to get you to click on there ad. The other problem is that people don't have the patience to read long sales messages.

Despite all these obstacles, I've found a way to have great success with Topsurfer. The biggest key is that you must get your prospects attention quickly and only require your prospects to do one thing.

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