Tom Vu Reviewed

All about Tom Vu

Tom Vu is a classic character when it comes to infomercials. Tom's story is the tail of a Vietnamese immigrant that became very wealthy by buying and selling real estate. But no one but Tom himself really know if his tale is actually true. One thing we do know is that a lof of people were interviewed who were Tom Vu students, and they said that they didn't make a dime with his info.

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Mr. Vu's famous line was that you should come to his free seminar so you can find out the "three secret words" to becoming very successful in real estate.

It's unfortunate that Tom didn't know these words himself because he had to spend a little time in jail probably due to his bad business practices.  


If you want to laugh, you can click the link at the bottom of this page to go over to YouTube and see clips of his infomercials.

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