The Affiliate God

The Affiliate God is one of the newest money making programs on the market. Michael Weston, the creator has really taken his time putting together these materials. He touches on many different aspects of Internet Marketing. I like this approach because it really allows people of all different skill levels to maximize their profits online. Because if you don't know already, there are thousands of ways to make money online.

The Affiliate God shows some pretty good examples of unique Internet marketing. While the materials start out going over the basics of Internet marketing and affiliate marketing the author really dives into some unique techniques that even I was not familiar with. I have to say that I found them quite interesting and I am still using a few of them in my day to day business model.

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The Affiliate God comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee; this always speaks highly of the program right of the bat. I know a lot of my readers are weary about programs, but this is one that you can really feel confident purchasing.

You’ll be able to choose which methods of affiliate marketing work for you. The nice thing about this program is that The Affiliate God will show you how to maximize your profits with some start up money or zero start up money. Most programs require that you spend a couple extra hundred dollars to get the ball rolling. Not here, there are no hidden costs, or buried fees. You simply pay the one time fee to join and you are on your way.

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This book is broken down into 5 chapters -

  1. The Affiliate Game.

  2. Building a website for free with no technical experience needed.

  3. Swarming your website with targeted traffic .

  4. Free marketing techniques that crush everyone else.

  5. Selling your own e-products, even if you don’t know anything about the topic

As with many other programs I have reviewed people frequently ask me why Michael Weston would put out such a powerful eBook at such a low cost. Why is he revealing all these great tips? Well I have personally spoken to Michael a few times and the answer is simple. He has used these techniques to dominate many niches in Internet Marketing for some time now. The guy really does not need to make any more money. This Affiliate God is his last Internet project. He is going to help his member’s achieve their goals and then shut the doors when he feels like he has reached enough people. Michael said it best, “Yeah I am making some money on this project, but it is just fun to watch new people succeed online!”

The Affiliate God is perfect for the person who doesn't understand how all the big players on the internet are using “out of the box” marketing techniques to make extraordinary money.

As I mentioned before, I still use some of his unorthodox techniques today and I can really see a few of his marketing techniques changing the way these “Savvy Internet gurus do business.”

The great thing about Internet marketing in general is that it can be done successfully anywhere. You can work from home, in a hotel, sipping a cocktail on your back deck, where ever you want. This has always intrigued me and I know many others desire the same type of “job freedom.” I can’t think of a better program to get you started on this track of independence and financial stability.

The initial investment with The Affiliate God is less than $50. I know it's hard to believe but included in this fee is a free website already optimized to make money online. I still don’t know how he makes money by basically handing you everything you need to succeed.

It does not take long at all to setup. You can be up and running in the first hour or so. Once the cash starts coming in you can expect to be paid by check, direct deposit and sometimes paypal.

I hope that you take the time to invest in this truly unique opportunity. I know that I was very pleased with the materials and I am confident my loyal readers will be as well. You can visit The Affiliate God Here.

P.S. – If you have any questions or feedback on this great opportunity as always I encourage your comments.


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