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Tellman Knudson Review

Tellman Knudson became popular online with his expertise in hypnosis and NLP. If you go to Tellman's websites that focus on those fields, you'll notice that he always attempts to capture the name and email address of his website visitors.

Tellman now promotes his website called . He supposedly teaches the 9 essentials of list building and how to make money after and while you're building your list.

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After purchasing a few of Tellman's products and listening in on a few telleseminars, I'd have to say that Tellman Knudson knows his stuff. The only warning I can give you is that a lot of people read the courses on list building and try to do the same thing they see the experts doing and saying. What I say is that you have to do what makes you money. In order to do that though, you have to test a few things. In my testing, I found out that some of the techniques Tellman talks about did not work for me. They may work for you though, so you just have to try them. I've learned a few secrets of my own just trying different techniques and I share them with some of my students from time to time. So far they say that they have been very successful using my techniques.

If you new to list building but want to learn the fundamentals of list building quickly using Tellman's techniques would take you a long way.

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