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Team National's web site is very vague about exactly what they do, so it was a hard task to get any descent information about the company without someone saying they really hate it or they really love it. One of my students actually signed up as a distributor for this company so I wanted to see if they offered the quality discount services that he claimed they did. What I can say about Team National is that if their web site is any representation of their company,  I would steer clear of this opportunity.

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The links that you'll find on the Team National website just look like a group of unorganized links to different programs that they get paid for referring you to. They say that you can save 500 bucks on a purchase of a car that cost more than $40,000. But if you're spending that much on a car, you can save at least 5 times more than that just by talking to the right people at a dealership. At least that's what I did anyway. So when one of the Team Natioanl reps approached me and told me how much I could save, I just pulled up a few website that had sales on electronics and found the prices to be lower than what Team National was offering.

Now as far as the money making aspect of Team National it would be a hard sell because a lot of the discounts they offer were not as good as what you could get if you caught an item you wanted on sale.

Until I see anything different at this point I can't recommend Team National.

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This Ends The Review Of Team National