Survey Scout Review

Is Survey Scout A Scam?

Survey Scout, is it all a scam? A friend of mine's experience with Survey Scout lasted a couple of weeks until he found out that in order to be paid or "rewarded" for the survey he had to buy stuff he didn't want or need, or sign up for thing that he wasn't interested in. The worst one was WHITE OVERNIGHT, a "free" product that he had to give them his credit card number to pay the shipping, and they would send him a monthly supply if I didn't cancel. When he finally cancelled a week later, they had already charged his card over one hundred dollars. So if you're interested in doing surveys I would stay away from this one.


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Companies like Survey Scout exist because a lot of people are desperate to make money and don't mind paying $34.95 to get the information. What they find out after they sign up is that you'll basically get a list of companies that just want you to spend more money with them. It's kind of like paying to get into a theme park and then having to pay to get on every ride. 

Survey Scout is not the only company of it's kind though. Other online survey site include,  Get Cash for Surveys,  Top Paid Surveys , Survey PlatinumPajama Paycheck , Expre$$ Paid Surveys , and  Paid Surveys Online.

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This Ends the review of Survey Scout