Success University

Success University is an online university that you can become a member of or enroll that supplies courses about success. These courses are written by some of the most successful businesses online and off. With this membership there is a monthly fee of about $50 which you must pay if you continue past the 14 day trial. They also provide what they call premium membership that enables you to double your referral commisssions. One of the courses they provide is a course on speed reading which gives extensive explanations on the brain and the reading process.

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Success University provides a wide range of courses that can definitely help in your quest to become successful. You will receive residual commissions from every person you personally sponsor and people they sponser who decide to remain a student at Success University. The original $2 fee that you pay to have the trail is donated to feed the children foundation so even if you don't eventually enroll that at least goes to something good. What I will say is do not enroll in this university until you have the time and energy to promote to becoming successful because every month you will have to pay the almost $50 fee to continue on.

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