Star Trader Review

All About Star Trader

Star Trader is a stocks and options trading course that I've seen about a thousand times on late night TV. You are first asked to attend a free workshop, where the system is explained to you over a two hour period.  This is a web based information tool box much like Investools. While, the website packs a lot of info, it costs around $8,000 versus $3,200 for Investools.

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Also, they make you pay $100 for a supposed 3 day seminar which ends up being more like a sales pitch then a learning session. The first day covers the 5-Point Star Trader System. It's called the 5-Point Star because there are 5 points that are to be considered before you make a decision to buy or sell your stock. These five points are:

  1. Technical Indicators
  2. Fundamentals
  3. Sentiment
  4. News
  5. Economy

5 Point Star Trader System is shown as an simplified software tool that tells you when to buy and when to sell your stock.  Out of about 43 replies that I've gotten to this review, only about 3 people claimed to be making any money. And two out of the three said they still had to seek more professional advice before they made a dime.

In my humble opinion if you just want to try out the stock market I would seriously let a professional handle it for me or just put in the needed study time and never quit.

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