Smackpro which stands for Seamless Mass Advertising Competition Killer it is a program used to generate home business. These individuals use this program is supposed to teach you how to steer customers from one page to another. What they want to do is creat a massive network of visitors so that in that number there will be some people who will be interested in the program or product your advertising.

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Some of the things they're advertising the program has are a crafty automated system that does 96.4% of the selling for you, a highly skilled phon closer that does the other 3.6% for you, an easy cash earnings of $300 or more per day with this system, earnings of another $2000 is supposedly guaranteed through their profit share plan. THey also have a six figure retirement plan. S.M.A.C.K is a collection of over $6000 keywords themed websites, a network of coregistration websites,social networking groups, social bookmark sites, 10,000 blogs, and much more. All which is supposed to produce a massive collaboration of unique website traffic.


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