Shelley Lowery Review

All About Shelley Lowery

Shelley Lowery has given her opinions and views on a variety of

subjects from designing e-books, designing e-zines, designing websites  

and building promotional strategies. Shelley Lowery is the owner of, created the e-book starer kit, which is supposed to

provide all the tools and information needed to design, edit and create

your own ebooks using this eBook Starter software. Shelley Lowery has

also written Web Design Mastery which is designed to show you how to

plan your website, give you lessons on HTML, ect.

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Shelley Lowery began her online marketing career around 1997. She has

written articles for numerous online and print publications and

electronic books. One of her most well known works is the e-book

E-zines: A Complete Guide to Publishing. It has been said to have

helped thousands of peoplen start their own electronic newsletters.

Shelley Lowery started Brajusta Publishing, a direct marketing company

based north of Columbus Ohio. It specializes in electronic books,

publications, print instructional manuals and CDs. Shelley provides

services for e-book customizations and compilations. From what I have

seen so far from Shelley, I would recommend that you give her products

and services a try.


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