Send Out Cards Success Secret Exposed

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I've reviewed and tested many opportunities on the net and very rarely do I give an opportunity a strong recommendation like I'm giving SendOutCards. If I were grading on a 10 point scale, Send Out Cards would definitely get a 10 out of 10. 10 for the most unique product, 10 for best support team, 10 for being the easiest for even a newcomer to start making serious income.

People that join Send Out Cards just as a customer, get better results using SendOutCards to refresh and maintain customers in their existing businesses. Big businesses like Sprint (that sent me a thank card for being a loyal customer) or home based business owners keep their customers by sending actual ink and paper cards sent by mail once every blue moon just to let their customers know they care. See these cards are a way to warm customers up to you versus sending emails which are a colder way to market and usually end up caught in spam filters, Due to the fact the cards are delivered directly to the mail box of the customer, the cards have a 100% reception. As a result you get high customer retention rates and high prospect conversion rates.

Even though SendOutCards offers thank you cards, greeting cards and postcards you might say to yourself there's nothing new about that. You couldn't ever be more wrong. What's new and unique about SendoutCards is that SendOutCards allows you to send someone an actual Hall Mark type Card right from your computer saving you tremendous amount of time and money. You basically pick from a large variety of cards online, create a message then here come the best part that separates SendoutCards from the rest-- they're actually delivered to the mailbox of the prospect by postal service.

Since SendoutCards takes care of the actual delivering for you, you can literally send out cards as fast as emails and customer get them in as little as 2-3 days. On top of that there aren't spam filter in mailbox in front of peoples houses so the customer will actually get it. These cards actually brighten the day of customers and make them feel the value that you have for them. these card give your business the personal touch. By fusing the old technology with the new technology SendoutCards definitely have made themselves a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention the fact that the total cost of these service are about half the price of Wal Mart or hallmark and you don't even have to leave the house.

Like an autoresponder, SendOutCards actually allows you to time or set intervals as to when an how often you can send out cards. You can also utilize Send Out Cards services on friends and relatives. You can tell the SendOutCards system to automatically send all your cards on the correct dates with just the click of a mouse. If you want to send out a free card using my money Click HERE to go to the Send Out Cards system.

What makes Send Out Cards such a profitable business for me is the secret marketing strategies that I've used to make huge sums of income almost on auto pilot. People are so excited to want to join me in this business that I've had to create an interview process that only allows a select group of people to join me at a time. The reason I've created this interview process is because I'm only interested in helping those people become successful that are serious because my time is very valuable. In one of my other businesses I charge $500 an hour for coaching so I make sure that the people I work with in SendOutCards become successful. If you have any questions after reading this entire article, feel free to call me(Folusho) at 773-290-8284. But make sure you've read this whole article and went to the SendOutCards website before you call me so we can have a more intelligent discussion and see if you qualify to work with me.