Is Xango A Scam?

All About Xango

Xango has been selling a single nutritional fruit juice drink made from the Mangosteen fruit since early 2001. This company is very young and the founders have done a pretty good job getting this company to the level it's at now. To become a distributor you have to purchase a distributor sales kit which the last I heard is being sold for about $60 plus shipping.

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Xango is probbably the fastest growing MLM company over the past few years. Xango is a good fit for those that are trying to make additional income from home. They have a good lead generation system, as well as a descent website to market the juice.

Xango juice tastes like a combination of raspberry, cranberry, and grape juice. It's kind of tangy and must be refrigerated after opening. Through antioxidants and xanthones, Xango juice can provide energy that the body really needs. All this from "all-natural" plant sources with no chemicals added.

Although the opportunity sounds great, I've talked to 23 Xango reps, but have yet to find one that's making a descent income. Keep checking back to see if I eventually find one.

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This ends the review of Xango