Sales Genie Facts

Sales Genie Review

Sales Genie is a service that is web-based, offering sales leads for companies that are also web-based.  Charging a nominal fee, they allow their users access to a virtually unlimited supply of sales leads. Sales Genie is part of infoUSA, which is a $300 million company based in Omaha Nebraska.  They currently have more than four million users, making it hard for people to doubt their credibility.  They offer many categories of leads and the leads they retain are updated on a regular basis.

The service is very convenient as it is accessible anywhere at any given time with just the click of a mouse.  Their entire service is stored on a contact manager that is secure.  The contact manager that is available on the online site assists its users in making appointments for all of their contacts. They can also keep track of their daily follow-ups as well as making notes and classifying all of the contacts individually.  It can sort leads in a variety of ways and it also offers to map locations of prospects.  And last but not least, you can utilize it for printing out labels as well as mailing lists, making your follow-up contacts a breeze. 

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The parent company infoUSA was started by the CEO Vin Gupta who originally invested a mere $100 in 1972 and is now the leading company of its kind being used all over in the USA and Canada.  Their database compiles lists of businesses and the households of consumers in the United States as well as Canada Perhaps the only downfall to the system is that you would have to sell a lead that was generated by another person.  This leads to the problem of no one knowing much detail of the client, making it hard to work on possible clients and to generate sales.  You want to make sure you can verify the leads you get to make sure you are spending your money wisely and not on dead leads.

I feel that this would be a sound investment if the leads were actually good quality.  After trying out there leads I found them to be a waste of time for the most part, and I had ten times the success when I generated my own leads. But ultimately, the best leads should always be generated in house, this way you'll know exactly where they came from.

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