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Russell Brunson Review

Russell Brunson is one of the new internet mavericks who has produced a large number of products in a very short amount of time and created himself a thriving business while still a college student and semi-professional wrestler as well. He first got my attention with the incredible success story on how he made almost $12,000 in sales within 48 hours. It has been said Russell Brunson is a very serious, repu Internet marketer with quality products. And fro what i've seen and actually purchased form Russell I agree with that.

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One of Russell's products is “linkbrander” and “marketing deal time”. In 4 years he went from 0 to 30,000+ affiliates using his programs. Now because there are no numbers and contact information, you cannot be sure of obscure details or rather lack of any details at all. That shed a negative light on things .Even though there are two links on “Marketing deal time” that lead to Russell’s page and Josh’s page  but you can’t even visualize what they do or offer at their website.

This sounds and looks strange. Marketing Deal Time, however, presents a long list of terms of service. This page is so long that it would have taken a long time to put together the page. They offer a no refund policy at their site. Besides, it also mentions that you can leave the site if you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions in the list. This makes you think something funny is going on in the website and you do not proceed even if you keep in mind Josh and Russell’s business expertise in individual contexts. Overall, Marketing Deal Time presents a picture I cannot see. You only waste your time clicking and trying to find what they offer or what they want to offer.

Update: is now redirected to Russell's blog at His blog does offer a lot of valuable information. He gives away a lot of advice for free right on his blog. I would recommend that at the very least you visit his blog to see what he has to offer. I do recommend Russell Brunson and his services.

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