Russ Whitney Review

Is Russ Whitney A Scam?

Russ Whitney has been around for about the same amount of time as Carleton Sheets. Like Sheets, his material is not explained in detail enough for most people to be able to go out and apply the methods. Unlike Sheets, Whitney seems to prefer the use of "seminars" to get you interested - then sells you "up" to his expensive "boot camp" training sessions.

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The Russ Whitney people  seem to have a problem with  people who compare them against others (which is permitted under trademark law) - ask yourself why they would not want to be compared with others?  While it's true, some of his clients seem to have done well, Most haven't, and Russ Whitney's help is very expensive.

We should all know that Russ Whitney doesn't buy expensive infomercials just to give something away for free but, in his t.v. advertisement he says that he holds free seminars and gives the impression that it will be enough information to start making money. However, this is where Russ Whitney pitches his seminar.

Russ Whitney may have a lot of good info, but real estate is not simple, very competitive, and very discouraging. Real Estate is simply not the instant moneymaker it used to be.

According to one of the Russ Whitney websites, Whitney dosen't like the Better Business Bureau. It might be due to his rating by the BBB.  Russ Whitney had a lot of complaints.

More and more people are getting involved with this over-worked scheme. A lot of people can't see that the money is in selling information.
I don't really advise joining Russ Whitney and many other Real Estate get rich schemes.

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This Ends the review on Russ Whitney, it's up to you to decide if it's a scam.