RealtyTrac Review

All About RealtyTrac

Realtytrac presents itself as a data service that provides detailed information to subscribers who are interested in buying property that is being foreclosed.. They also provide leads on properties that are available from banks or trustees. It provides information in three main areas – notice of defaults, foreclosure auctions and bank and Government repossessed property. They charge a monthly subscription of $39.95 for this service.

The vast majority of user reviews of Realtytrac  that I have come across for this site are not good. They claim that the information is out of date. Some customers claimed that every property they were sent to view had already been off the market for at least a couple of months. One customer said he had been sent to ten sites, some of which did not appear to exist and others that had been sold some time before.

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Several reviewers said that they had problems cancelling and that charges were still being applied to their credit cards. One review was extremely positive while another reviewer said he had cancelled and were waiting to see whether charges were still applied. One review said that he had found it almost impossible to cancel and that Realtytrac was still taking payments.

On Amazon, there are some really good customer reviews and some really bad ones. However, there are more bad reviews of Realtytrac than there are good. The thing that I found worrying was that all the bad reviews, while worded quite differently, (i.e., I think they were genuine, individual complaints) all appeared to have had very similar problems with the site.

All the bad reviews commented on the fact that the information Realtytrac provided was useless because it was so out of date, in spite of the fact that the site states that its information is updated every day. They all said that they had trouble cancelling their subscriptions and that the site owners had been of little help in this.

If this is the experience that people are having, it could be the case (though there is no concrete evidence to show this) that the site is using information that subscribers could perhaps find for themselves in the public domain. Not having used Realtytrac, I cannot say whether or not this is a scam but after reading those reviews, I would think twice about accessing the service.

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