Raymond Aaron

Raymond Aaron is a real estate marketer who holds affordable seminars he claims to have committed his life to teaching people how to utilize his powerful goal setting strategies and life management tools. He also has incredible discounts for return students. Raymond Aaron has an aggressive approach at his seminars he attempts to teach you how to doube, triple, or even quadruple your income by using his step by step innovative technique. These techniques he claims to have used for the past couple of decades. According to his website Raymond credits his success to the collected wisdom he has received from his mentors and his own life-tested techniques.

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Raymond Aaron offers  a few programs that can be used along with whatever information the you receive at his seminars like The Monthly Mentor, The Wealth Creator Source, and The Real Estate Wiz.  The Monthly Mentor program is said to be the most dynamic, innovative and effective goal setting  program developed to date, a state-of-the-art system that teaches you how to discover and do what you love. The Wealth Creator Source is a monthly audio-by-mail subscription service that delivers wealth creation secrets, life and business tips from experts like Robert Kiyosaki, author "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and many more. And the Real Estate Wiz is the ultimate home-study real estate course—find out how to really make money in real estate.

Aaron's exciting and dynamic presentation may make it seem as if the $200 you're spending is worthwhile but the information given about real estate is very little. After further research I have found that although Raymond's delivery is strong in his course, you'll hear more stories than actual real estate techniques and advice that is useful to you. 

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