Quixtar Review

Is Quixtar A Scam?


Quixtar is what was formerly known as Amway.  Recently, Amway stopped accepting any new sign ups in so they directed people to sign up in their new Quixtar program.  Amway  began in 1959 with Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel. Their concept for an new business opportunity, was built around person-to-person marketing, made it the leader of this new marketing wave called network marketing.

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The main problem I have with Quixtar is the fact that they don't let you market the product any way you choose. You can't market it through your own website like a lot of other opportunities allow you to do. This is bad news to me because we're are in the internet age where people are searching for new things and opportunities online everyday.

Quixtar calls you independent but you can't make all your decisions independent of the company. I've also gotten a lot of emails of people that are currently in Quixtar that complan that it's not as easy as they make it out to be.

One emailer wrote: 

Confusing site to navigate, hard to get a feel for pricing 
structure for most products. Brand name items such as 
electronics did not include model number, making it very 
hard to comparison shop. I'm not sure I get the point, 
since it seems like you cannot do anything on the site 
with contacting an "IBO", that is a person to give you 
a number, which sort of defeats the purpose of a web site. 
I looked at it after a relative gave me his IBO number and 
suggested that I'd want to do all my shopping there. Even 
with the "distributor" discount, it looks much more expensive than just stopping at the store, not to mention shipping (and I'm talking brand names, such as Tide detergent compared to Quixtar "SA8").

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