Pre-Paid Legal

Pre-Paid Legal is being sued for giving the illusion that customers are staying with them to attract more associates. Pre-Paid Legal also has been keeping about $20million dollars in commissions that belonged to a distributor who no longer qualified for them. Pre-paid Legal is being accused of fraud in a number of states that they are an illegal pyramid scheme.

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Pre-Paid Legal has a long list of class action suits against them. From January to February of this year alone they've had suits with Berger Montague, Berman DeValerio&Pease LLP, Barrack, Rodos &Bacine, Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes&LerachLLP, and Holzer&Holzer. They claim that Pre-Paid Legal exaggerated stock prices by using inappropriate methods of accounting. Pre-Paid Legal is not a good investment right now not with all the legal problems they are having. As with any MLMs (which is what PPD is) you always have to be cautious and get as much information about the company as possible, speak to other reps, and always keep up with any changes that may occur within that company.

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