Predator Marketing System

 Predator Marketing System is a new multi-level marketing system that has been out since about September of 2006. Predator Marketing System is a home-based business that is fully automated which means that as a member you will not have to do anything to make money. Predator marketing System does all the work for you as far as marketing products and closing the sales. Predator Marketing System was created for people who want to start a home-based business. To become a member of Predator Marketing System it costs about $49.95 a month, which according to them allows you to have 100% hands-free business that makes you money.

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 Their are three levels to Predator Marketing System and these are the Platinum level, which costs $3,995 in which you need only one sale to qualify, the Gold level $1499 in which you need about 2 sales and must pay an extra fee to qualify, and the last one is the Silver level which costs $59.95 of which you need a total of about $9,000 dollars in sales to qualify. Since there is no product being sold, the only way you are going to make money in this type of program is to convince someone else to become a member and then they convince someone else and so on. So the Predator Marketing System is very much like another pyramid scheme.

The Predator Marketing System seems to be a lot like the used to be PAS system that was shut down by SEC. Although there will probably be some people that will argue the point about them being another pyramid scheme, usually those are the people that are stuck in the program, who have already spent their money and are willing to stand by them to at least get that one recruit or sell. Even though the Predator Marketing System has different ways for you to make money, the only way to make the money is to be the one on top controlling the pyramid in the first place. When dealing with MLMs be sure not to put all your eggs in one basket and make sure you use the proper marketing techniques. You also may want to talk to other members and see if they are getting paid on time. Try to sell more than one product and just kind of spread yourself out. Get familiar with the Internet. Be cautious when trying any MLMs because some of them can turn out to be good when using the proper marketing skills.

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