Pay It Forward 4 Profits Review

Is Pay It Forward A Scam?

Review of Pay it Forward 4 Profits

Pay It Forward 4 Profits is the newest deal on the internet that says it offers the best opportunity for people who want to start their own work from home business. The draw of many of these offers is to inform prospective business people that if they work in this way it will enable them to generate residual income. Some of these business opportunities are above board and tend to concentrate less on the notion that someone will get rich working from home. Most of these schemes require significant work and some investment if they have any hope of success. There are other opportunities that are clearly a scam and are just another form of pyramid selling. Still others relate to scams involving medical billing and stuffing envelopes.

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People do not get rich from these schemes and they often lose money when they get involved with them. Then there are those opportunities that, at face value, look fine and have a number of testimonials as to their honesty and efficacy but – and there usually is a but, however, this does not necessarily mean that the whole thing is a rip off. Rather one should be careful before investing too much in something that offers too big a reward.

Pay it Forward for Profits is a program which offers a lead generation scheme and ongoing training for internet marketers. The company has been in operation for six months and already has 55,000 members worldwide. That is a large chunk of money taken overall. Joining the system is free and this allows members to access training if they need it and to follow a step by step guide on internet traffic, Google Adword and the use of ezine sites to promote the business. Members have access to all the material the PIF4P has to offer. They also receive three websites that need promoting. Once this is done, contacts are placed on an autoresponder, which increases the chances of more contacts.

Once members begin to fully implement the system then they will be involved in spending some money (how much is not defined) with affiliate programs that the company promotes. This is to enable members to get some cash that can then be invested in further advertising efforts while they build the list further. One of these programs is predator, which is a high priced subscription program that offers the best marketing systems available. So far, so good.

There have been some questions have been raised in forums and the like with regard to this company, one such posting related to the affiliate system predator. This member was happy enough but found that predator was costing more than they wanted to continue paying and so they cancelled their subscription. The cancellation was ignored and predator took another payment. This payment has not been recovered and it is incidences such as this that are raising the questions.

I would not say that PIF4P is a scam but clearly there are questions over at least one of its affiliates. Until that point the company offers good advice and services so we can only wait and see what happens in the future.


This ends the review of Pay It Forward 4 Profits

Since I review business opportunities for a living I have found most of them to be a waste of time.

But there are a few that put a lot of money in my pocket.

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