Paid Surveys Etc.

Michelle Mcallister Ceo of Paid Surveys Etc. promises her customers that they can earn up to 3500 per month because fortune 500 companies need their opinion on products. You earn this money by: taking a simple online survey for 5 to 75 dollars a survey, participating in online focus groups for 50 to 150 an hour, Trying out new products and previewing movie trailers for 12 to 35 a review. Well where do I sign-up is my first thought?! My second thought is O.K. why would companies pay me that much for my opinion? Well she answers the question right in the sales letter: the demand for marketing research is Far too strong. Companies used lose millions setting up testing events to test products in the physical world but now with the advent of the internet it cost companies pennies to create surveys and cost you nothing to fill them out. So in essence, the 5 to 75 dollars they pay you is a fraction of what these companies were spending to get results before online surveys came about.

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Unfortunately, we have found over 90% of Paid Surveys website are scams. These days almost anyone can create a paid survey site in a few days. And most only are making you pay to become a member of their website just so they can tell you where to go on the net to find surveys that actually pay. However the reality is all they actually do is provide you with a list of garbage companies that don't exist, or some other sites that want you to spend more cash to be allowed to access their list.

Many of sites can charge you between $60-$90 fee for access but, in reality, 95% of these sites give you nothing but: Confusing site navigation, Non-working pages, Outdated directories, non-working phone numbers, bogus email addresses. Poor or No customer service or help available, won't even respond to your refund requests. A Bunch of surveys that pay little or no money at all In terms of home based businesses, we have reviewed literally hundreds of paid survey sites, talking to customers, admins, and looking at the member's areas to see how it's organized. With a majority of paid survey sites being scams I can't whole heartedly recommend However, I am testing this site out check back to see the results of the test. I have not seen any bad complaints against this company so that may be a good sign.

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