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Nikken Review

Nikken is an MLM company that was started in Japan in 1975. The product Nikken markets is magnet therapy for body pain.

I've been told you can become a distributor at a intro price of $49.95 for NIKKEN's sales kit. Nikken gets a little expensive when you find out that in order to make any money you need to buy demo packs. But of course Nikken wouldn't be a real business opportunity if you didn't have to spend any money.

Many people have sold many different things in life to become really wealthy but they weren't distributors they were owners.

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Be sure to look in the area about the Nikken career opportunity. There is information on the marketing plan, top US distributors, car/home incentive program, and misc company and opportunity information.

Magnet therapy and some of the quotes that Nikken uses are starting to be questioned as possibly being false as well.The biggest problem with Nikken for their distributors to overcome is the quests about the benefits of their magnets.


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This Ends The Review Of Nikken