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Here's the lowdown on Nick Marks ... Nick Marks is the creator of Forex Enterprise. This is not connected to Forex Trading, but is just a name for an Internet Marketing product. A lot of people have become confused about this product thinking it is about Forex trading. Forex Enterprise is also known as "The Multiple Streams of Income System". In late 2005 the version Nick Marks originally brought out was a very weak, poorly designed product back then. The members section was bad, the website design was poor and the product consisted of a wide variety of techniques all confusingly put together in a one big circus.

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 Nick Marks suggested a number of money making techniques which most people would not be make money doing. However, now Nick Marks has upgraded the product a great deal and has got rid of a lot of the hype and folly. Now what you recieve is an ebook that now gives relavant information covering stuff like affiliate marketing, creating information products, selling on ebay, adsense etc. The new product is a lot better than what it used to be, there is still always room for improvement but I must say that it was better than it was before. Nick Marks, also has a number of other products as well.

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