Niche Empire Generator

The Niche Empire Generator software basically builds and manages niche websites for you. The software shows you the easy way to build niche sites organized with helpful add ons. The software creates the SEO friedly site that eliminates a lot of work that would have to be done by hand normally. It also helps by promoting the site by submitting the RSS feeds of the sites you build around the web and intergrating social bookmarking features designed to pull traffic from the social network. This software doesn't just manage your sites, it manages everything you do to your site so you can instantly know when your site will need updating again, where their ranking in the search engine, how many links you're getting, what articles you've submitted to where and much more.

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Some of the downfalls of course is that building a niche store is not easy it definately take time and effort. The software doesn't handle everything for you you will still have to generate your own content but there is alot of startup material that is provided for you to you when you begin and along the way. Eventually also you will need to use your own templates and not much is provided. Overall this software could be tremendous help for anyone looking to add a new income stream to their businesses. But the price tag is a little steep for the content it provides. I'm not sure if I would pay $147 for this software maybe if about $70 were shaved off then we'd be talking.

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